Noto Peninsula, Ancient Festival & Old-school Hospitality

Noto Peninsula, Ancient Festival & Old-school Hospitality

Japanese scenic beauty and old-school hospitality,
Shoulder portable shrines up to three stories high at an Ancient Festival, and
Luxuriate in true Japanese style at "Ae no Kaze", a top-tier ryokan inn

Photogtraphs: provided by Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism League and Suzunari

Tour Date
Sept. 6th ~ 12th, (7 days/6 nights)
Tour Price
JPY 324,000 (inc. tax)
Tokyo/Wakura Onsen (easy access to Tokyo, Kyoto, or Shirakawa-go)

Starting from the historic town of Kanazawa, this weeklong full circuit of the stunningly beautiful Noto Peninsula immerses you in its dynamic coastline and picturesque rural hillscape amid light traffic and riding comfort. But this tour is about more than just fresh air and scenery. We’ll visit the traditional artisan laquerware town of Wajima, where you can create your own craftwork, and browse the old morning market for treasures. At Suzu, near the tip of the peninsula, we participate in the ancient Kiriko Festival, a thrilling event in which local people– and YOU– shoulder portable shrines up to three stories high. It’s an event that has to be seen to be believed. On the final night, you will luxuriate in true Japanese style at Ae no Kaze, a top-tier ryokan inn, one of Kagaya group, which as been renowned among Japanese travelers as the ultimate in old-school Japanese cuisine and hospitality

Tour highlights

  • Explore Myoryuji, Kanazawa’s “Ninja Temple” so-called because of its many hidden tunnels, traps and other surprises.
  • Join in the ancient Kiriko festival procession, and help local revelers carry gorgeous Kiriko illuminated lacquered portable shrine floats, some towering 15 meters.
  • Cycle along the Noto Kongo coastline, immersed in the ever-changing natural beauty of Japan.
  • See the stunning terraced hillside rice paddies of Senmaida, and the Tokikuni Residence, an architectural gem preserved in its original glory from the feudal 1590s, and its unforgettable gardens.
  • On the final day, we stay at Ae no Kaze, a traditional Japanese ryokan inn and a member of Kagaya group, which has been ranked by hospitality professionals as being among Japan’s top 100 inns for 35 consecutive years.
  • Enjoy Gojinjo Daiko, a wildly exuberant drumming presentation by performers in traditional demon masks and headgear made of seaweed.
  • Easy Access to Tokyo (4 hours), Kyoto (4 hours), Toyama (1.5 hours), Kanazawa (1 hour) by bullet trains from Wakura onsen where the tour ends.

Tour map



Day Week
Route Distance Elevation Gain
9/6 Sun Meet at 17:00 in Tokyo. (Riders’ meeting)
9/7 Mon Take a bullet train for Kanazawa.
9/8 Tues -1 Kanazawa - Shika-machi, Hakui 78km/48ml 461m/1512ft
9/9 Wed -2 Shika-machi, Hakui to Wajima. 52km/32ml 453m/1486ft
9/10 Thurs -3 Wajima – Suzu (Join a local festival) 76km/47ml 759m/2490ft
9/11 Fri -4 Suzu-Anamizu, train for Wakura Onsen 67km/42ml 568m/1863ft
9/12 Sat Wakura onsen
272km/169ml 2,241m/7,351ft
Day 1 Meet at a hotel in Tokyo

Meet at 17:00 at a hotel in Tokyo. We’ll have a riders meeting to explain traffic rules in Japan and our schedule and route of the tour followed by welcome dinner.

Hotel in Tokyo/ Dinner

Day 2 Tokyo ~ Kanazawa


Take a bullet train for . (About 2.5 hours) Explore a castle, and and gardens.

Take a bullet train for Kanazawa. (About 2.5 hours) Explore a castle, a ninja temple and samurai towns and gardens.

Stay at a hotel in Kanazawa / Meals: Breakfast

Day 3 Kanazawa ~ Shika-machi (Hakui)


Cycle for Shika-machi. Escape from a traffic – laden street in Kanazawa, we are heading to Shika-machi. We’ll call at Kita-ke, Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, Noto-kongo Coast and so on. Today, we stay at a small but cozy ryokan (Japanese style inn).

Kita-ke: Old house built in Ed period. The museum displays of weapons, ceramics, farming tools, fine and folk art and documents. It also has a beautiful moss garden.

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway: Like Daytona, cars and motorcycles can drive on the beech. Please try bicycle ride here!

Noto-kongo Coast: Rocky, cliff-lined seashore.

Stay at a lovely ryokan/ Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

map1 千里浜 喜多家

Day 4 Shika-machi ~ Wajima

Enjoy cycling along the beautiful coastline for Wajima. Along the route, we’ll see Yase-no-dangai, Tenryo Kuroshima, and so on. At Wajima, we’ll visit Kiriko Kaikan and enjoy painting of lacquer ware.

Stay at a small hotel in Wajima/ Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

map2 794 風景2

Day 5 Wajima ~ Suzu


After enjoying the Asa-ichi, morning market, we depart for Suzu. Soon we pass Senmaida, Rice Terraces, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, and then we visit Kami-Tokikuni Residence in Sosogi. At Suzu, today’s goal, local festival awaits us. Here, you will shoulder kiriko together with members of the town.
Shirayone Senmaida Rice Terraces: Ancient method of farming. A thousand of terraced rice paddies snaking up the hillside are both fascinating and beautiful.

Stay at a hotel in Suzu/ Meals: Breakfast and Dinner

wajima-notoji 192 384

Day 6 Suzu ~ Anamizu

The last day of cycling. First, we head for Tsukumo bay, the complicated coastline of a ria coast. And then, we visit Japanese sake brewery. After enjoying cycling to Anamizu, we take a train to Wakura Onsen, today’s goal. We stay at a beautiful ryokan, one of the Kagaya group, which has been ranked No.1 overall for 35 consecutive years in the “Top 100 Hotels & Ryokans Voted by Industry Professionals”. We’ll have a dinner show of Gojinjo-Daiko drumming.   Relax and refresh youself!

Stay at a ryokan / Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

notoji-anamizu 99wan irori

Day 7 Wakura Onsen (no ride)

Tours end after breakfast.

If you would like to extend your stay after the cycling tour, arrange railway, air or other post-cycling travel, please feel free to ask. We’ll be more than happy to help arrange it.

Please note that the approximate times required to travel to ideal destination such as Kanazawa, Tokyo, Kyoto, or Hida-takayama are listed below. Kyoto (3.5 hours) Tokyo (4 hours), Hida-Takayama (4 hours). Takaoka, gateway for Shirakawago/Gokayama (1.5 hours)

Tour Outline

Tour date Sept. 6th ~ 12th, 2015 (7 days/6 nights)
Tour price JPY 324,000 (Inc. tax)
Gathering/conclusion Tokyo/Wakura Onsen
Distance 272.2 km/168.97 mile
Elevation gain 2,241 m/7,351 ft
Level Intermediate
Group size 4~15 (Minimum Number of Participants: 4)
Support Cycling leader, Tour Conductor, and Support van.

Items Included in Tour Prices

Rental Road bicycle (or cyclo cross bicycle/cross bicycle, if you prefer)


Van Support on Route

Water and snacks during the ride

Daily Luggage Transport

Experienced Ride Leaders

Meals: 6 breakfasts and 5 dinners

Transportation: Fares for trains, ferries and other modes of travel will be noted in your itinerary.

Sightseeing and Excursions: Admission to temples and shrines, special events and culinary experiences will be noted in your itinerary.

Not Included in Tour Prices

Airfare, alcoholic beverages and other personnel expenses

Traveling Alone

A limited number of single-occupancy rooms are available for an additional charge on most tours. If you are a single traveler, please ask about room availability. A single-occupancy supplemental charge will be applied.

About Ryokan

To make your experience of Japan more authentic and memorable, we schedule some tour accommodations in traditional ryokan inns. Rather than single rooms, ryokan accommodate two to five people per room, with traditional tatami mat flooring and futon bedding. Please note that at Planet Adventure, we arrange for our guests to be accommodated in rooms divided by gender.

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