One Day Trip to Japan’s Highest Road on Mt. Norikura

One Day Trip to Japan’s Highest Road on Mt. Norikura

Enjoy 360° autumn-colored mountain on a chartered bus between Matsumoto and Norikura.

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Tour Date
Sun, Sep. 27th (one day trip)
Tour Price
JPY 15,000 (inc. tax)
JR Matsumoto station

One hour drive from Matsumoto station, Mt. Norikura is the highest mountain in Japan you can reach on a bicycle.

The mountain is a Mecca for hill climbers, but access from Matsumoto station is limited to Route 158 which has a few long tunnels and traffic of large buses and tracks.

This one-day trip tour offers safe and comfortable bus transportation between Matsumoto and Norikura. We will charter a bus to Norikura Visitor Center and climb on Echo Line.

On Echo Line, you will ride  about 20km/12ml. while climbing  1,249 m/4,098 ft. up to the top. You’ll notice the surrounding green is gradually changing to autumn-colored alpine plants. You’ll also enjoy a panoramic view of Japan Alps. After you reached the highest road in Japan, go downhill to Visitor Center. But, do not overspeed, please! Many crashes take place on downhill. Share the road with buses and taxis.

Once you get back to Visitor Center, you are done! It’s time for lunch and hot spa! Relax and take care of your muscles. The chartered bus takes you back to Matsumoto station.

Super Azusa leaving Matsumoto at 17:58 gets you to Shijuku station at 19:36.

Tour highlights

  • Safe and comfortable bus transportation between Matsumoto and Norikura.
  • A challenging climb to Mt. Norikura to enjoy breathtaking autumn leaves and Japan Alps mountains from above clouds.
  • Enjoy hot spa after riding.
  • Return to Matsumoto station around 16:30, and 2.5 hour travel to Shinjuku station.



Day Weekday RideDay Route Distance Elevation Gain
9/27 Sun 1 Matsumoto-Norikura 40 km/ 12 ml. 1,249 m/4,098 ft.

Sun, Sep. 27th 2015

  • 7:00 Gather at JR Matsumoto station Alps exit
  • 8:30 Arrive at Norikura Visitor Center. Bike assembly and  briefing.
  • 9:00 Start climbing.
  • 11:30 Arrive on the summit.
  • 12:00 Start downhill.
  • 13:30 Arrive at Visitor Center. Lunch and hot spa.
  • 15:00 Bus departs to Matsumoto station.
  • 16:30 Bus arrives at Matsumoto station. Tour concludes.
  • 17:58 Super Azusa 28 departs for Shinjuku station.
  • 19:36 Super Azusa 28 arrives at Shinjuku station.

Tour Outline

Tour price

JPY 15,000 (Inc. tax)


Matsumoto station, Nagano pref.


20km/12ml. climb, 20km/12ml. downhill

Elevation gain

1,249 m/4,098 ft.



Group size

(Minimum Number of Participants: 10)


Cycling leader, Tour Conductor, and Support van.

Rider wear

Long sleeve jersey
Long gloves
Wind breaker (must-have for downhill)


Your bike
Bike carry bag (Rinko bag)

Items Included in Tour Prices

Chartered bus transportation

Experienced Ride Leaders

Hot spa fare


Not Included in Tour Prices

Airfare, alcoholic beverages and other personnel expenses