Hello, I’m Eriko Nishida. I founded Planet Adventure for a very personal reason.

I’ll never forget the time I was on a U.S. cycling tour and one of my bike buddies asked me,
“Do they have cycling tours in Japan? Is it doable?”

This question really hit home for me because there’s so much I want to share about cycling in Japan.
In terms of all the conditions that matter-- climate, landscape, geographical scale, infrastructure and scenery, Japan is ideal cycling country. Just take a few steps outside of the major urban centers like Tokyo and Osaka, and you’re on abundant, gorgeous suburban and rural roads with little traffic. And domestically, Japanese are cyclists par excellence. Just about every week, there are century races all over the country, hill climbing events, gran fondo road races and more.

In Japan, compact terrain bursting with beautiful, easily accessible mountains and valleys make for cycling routes rich in satisfying challenges and ever-changing scenery. Aside from the quality of the routes, Japan itself is one of the safest countries you’ll ever visit.And in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the key word for the entire nation is omotenashi, the Japanese word for truly thoughtful hospitality.

As I tried to explain all this to my touring partner in the U.S., I became eager to share the joys of cycling in Japan with everyone. There’s nothing like riding through beautiful country, getting to know the people there, learning about local culture and enjoying fantastic local food.

I founded Planet Adventure as a way of sharing all of this in smart, easy, fun tours you won’t find anywhere else. Do we cycle in Japan? You bet we do! Come join us at Planet Adventure.

Eriko Nishida
President, Planet Adventure Inc.

Why a Planet Adventure cycling tour is unlike the rest

1.We’re locals who know Japan well

Our cycling tour operators are Japanese locals who are as thoroughly knowledgeable and passionate about the places they show you as they are about cycling. They are experts in arranging with organizations and administrative authorities to incorporate special cultural and unique local events into your tour. The result is a richly rewarding, unforgettable tour experience. You’re not just passing through!

2.We have thorough know-how in European and U.S. touring

Our staff participate in numerous European and American cycling tours, building up and constantly updating their knowledge and ability as tour creators. Their cutting-edge expertise is folded into tours with customer service and hospitality that has a uniquely Japanese flavor. We do European and U.S. touring right!

3.We’re ready with total support

Your cycling leader will have a wealth of experience in making tours fantastic. We have our own team of mechanics, and almost all tours are accompanied by a support car to quickly handle any technical issues. Never let your bike get in the way of a great tour!

4.Our tours let you fully enjoy the sights and experience the culture

Never rushed, we put meticulous care into the pacing and distance of our tours, soaking up the stunning sights, pausing to notice hidden beauty, and incorporating unique cultural experiences all along the way. There’s a subtle art to combining the exhilaration and joy of cycling with the natural beauty of the Japanese countryside, its culture, and its food. Why not enjoy it all?

5.Bicycle rentals are included in the Tour Price.

As dedicated cyclists and travelers ourselves, we at Planet Adventure know that many tour participants will have their own travel, trekking or other plans before and after our tour. To help you get the most enjoyment out of your trip, we include the cost of bicycle rentals in the Tour Price. We generally provide road bikes, but for beginners or those who prefer something more accessible, we are glad to provide cross bikes or other designs.

6.Ride together with Japanese cyclists

Virtually all of the tours we design for cyclists from all over the world are the same ones we offer Japanese cyclists. Ride together with cyclists from the local area and all over Japan. Tour like a native.


Company name Planet Adventure Inc.
Established April 1 2014
Capital 9.5 million yen (As of April 1st, 2014)
Business license 2-6794, Registered at Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Membership All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)ANTA Tokyo
Headquarters 601 J-Park Shibuya-Shinsen, Shinsen-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0045 Japan
Contact Tel/FAX81-3-3462-1507