Online reservations, from reserving a place to departing with the tour

Click here for cycling day-trips

From the tour details page, click “Reservations” to go to the reservations page.
Fill in all the necessary fields.
After reading and understanding the Terms and Conditions, select “Agree” if you agree, then click “Confirmation Page” to see the information you have entered before confirming it.1. From the tour details page, click “Reservations” to go to the reservations page.
If the information you have entered is correct, click on “Make a Reservation” to reserve your place in the tour.
The display will indicate that your reservation was made successfully, and a message confirming the details of your reservation will automatically be sent to the e-mail address you provided.
Once your reservation has been successfully completed, you will receive payment instructions by e-mail within three days. You will be asked to click on a URL specified in the e-mail, which will enable you to use a credit card to pay a reservation deposit of 10% of the tour price if it is more than 21 days away, or the full tour price if 21 or fewer days remain.
If you have made a reservation deposit, you will receive an e-mail approximately four weeks before the tour requesting payment of the balance of the tour price. Please be sure to pay the balance prior to 21 days before the tour.
Once we confirm payment of the full tour price, you will receive a final e-mail with further instructions at least two days before departure.