A new tour "Shibuya~Shinjuku one day cycling tour, Rediscover Tokyo’s surprising appeal! Cycle Central Tokyo’s backstreets" has been released "more"
A new tour "Ninja experience in Iga and Cycling of ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara" has been released for the year 2016 (May 15th - 22nd / Nov. 13th - 20th, 8 days and 7 nights) "more"
2016 Spring tour of "Kyoto~Kanazawa 6 days (May 22-27, 2016 )" has been released (the same tour of 2015 autumn starting on Oct. 4th is still available. "more"
Kamiichi cycling tour to experience spiritual Japanese traditions and Shirakawa-go and Gokayama (Sept. 12-15,/ Oct. 22-25, 2015/May 28-31, 2016) "more"
Mt. Fuji and Gorgeous downhill to Pacific Ocean (Oct. 17~20, 2015/ April 2~5, 2016/ June 4~7, 2016) "more"
One Day Trip to Japan’s Highest Road on Mt. Norikura ( 9/27, 2015 ) "more"
Noto Peninsula, Ancient Festival & Old-school Hospitality ( 9/6-12, 2015 ) "more"
Japan’s Highest Road on Mt. Norikura, Takayama Historic Town and Toyama ( 9/26-30, 2015 ) "more"
Kyoto to Kanazawa, Lake Biwa and Wakasa Bay ( 10/4-9, 2015 ) "more"
Cycling the Japan Alps and World Heritage, Gokayama ( 10/25-31, 2015 ) "more"
The Old Nakasendo highway, tracing a journey through the Edo Period ( 11/8-15, 2015 ) "more"

About Planet Adventure Inc.

Why not try cycling in Japan, enjoying the unique culture, foods
and getting to know people there?

With our main office in Shibuya, Tokyo, Planet Adventure is a travel company specializing in cycling. From day trips around Tokyo to tours all around Japan, we focus all our passion and expertise on planning and operating cycling tours. Our mission is to create cycling tours that let participants get to know local people and culture, while enjoying local food as well. And finding the right tour for you means having a variety to choose from. We offer tours ranging from fun rides for beginners using easy-to-ride cross bikes to intermediate and advanced rides on sophisticated road bikes. And if you have something truly special in mind, be sure to let us know. We can custom-design a tour just for you.


What Our Customers Say

Here’s what people say after they’ve experienced a Planet Adventure tour.


I’ll never forget the wonderful sensation of cycling as the scenery seemed to glide quickly by♪

This was the first time I’d joined in a genuine cycling tour. I enjoy walking and riding bicycles mainly for the fresh air, and hadn’t really conditioned my legs much. So although I thought it might be a bit overambitious, I nonetheless started preparing on my own, and had an exhilarating ride along the Tama river.

All I’d ever ridden was a step-through grocery-getter bike, so this was my first ride on a cross bike. Experienced riders patiently taught me how to use the gear shift, and even how to get on and off the bike. And although I went at my own pace, bringing up the rear, I stayed with the tour and had a wonderfully enjoyable time.

I’ve tried two bike rentals, one a Brompton small-wheel design and also a TREK cross bike. And now that I’ve come to want a bike of my own, I’m considering what kind to buy. I love taking walks around town, and sometimes cover 20km to 30km in a day. Since I tried cycling, however, I’ll never forget how enjoyable it is to experience the way the scenery glides by at an entirely different pace.

A.F. (age: 50-something)

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    Cycling Rules of the Road

    This guide explains the relevant Japanese traffic rules, with a focus on rules, infractions, fines and other penalties unique to Japan. It’s all you need to know to enjoy safe, trouble-free cycling in Japan.

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    Japan A to Z

    A handy guide packed with information on Japanese culture, customs, history and modern society.



Always ready with a smile, we’re working hard to make sure your tour is fantastic.

  • Erico


    Hi, I’m Erico. I’m light on my feet, and I love cycling. My job is planning tours, fine-tuning them, and guiding them. Feel free to bring all your questions to me!

  • TATS


    Hi there. I’m TATS. I never did much cycling until will into adulthood. But I’m all the more into it for being a late bloomer. I lived in Nagano for four years, where I acquired a taste for mountain riding. Come with me!

  • Waka


    Hello. I’m Waka. I respond to e-mail and keep the office running, which is to say, I tie up all the loose ends and keep things running smoothly. I even drive the support car and pick up tour members– me and my dog Buri, that is. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Yuuma


    I’m Yuma. I’ve been working with bicycles for about ten years now. I have about three years’ experience in the bicycle shop, so you can ask me anything about mechanics or how to choose the bike that’s right for you. I like Showa-brand bikes made in Japan.