Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


1. Cancellation by You

You can cancel your travel agreement with Planet Adventure at any time. But the cancellation fees specified below will apply.

Cancellation fee periods, calculated as the number of days up to and including the day immediately prior to the scheduled tour.

(Note: “Days prior” means the number of days up to and including the day immediately before the tour. The figures indicate the percentage of the full tour price.)

Cancellation fees and periods Cancellation rate
  20-15 days prior 20%
  14-11 days prior 20%
  10-8 days prior  20%
  7-2 days prior  30%
  The day immediately prior 40%
  The first day of the tour, up to the specified meeting time 50%
  Non-participation without notice, or cancellation after the start of the tour 100%


2. Cancellation by Planet Adventure

Each tour must include a specified minimum number of participants. If enough people do not sign up for a given tour, then we may have to cancel it. When you make a reservation for a tour, we will let you know the current participation status. If the participant count requirement is not met, we will contact you with at least 21 days to go before the tour. If your tour is canceled, all your payments will be refunded in full, and the travel agreement will be canceled.

Travel agreement

You and Planet Adventure enter into a legal travel agreement when Planet Adventure receives your full deposit payment, and consents to the agreement.

Changes to Itinerary

Planet Adventure may have to change your tour schedule, the content of the service, or other terms of the travel agreement, even after you have entered into it. But we will only do so after letting you know promptly and ahead of time, with a full explanation of how circumstances beyond our control have made the changes necessary. Reasons for unavoidable changes could be anything necessary to the safe, smooth operation of the tour, including weather (e.g., heavy rain, snow, road ice and other factors threatening cycling safety). Other reasons might include discontinuation of the transportation services we use, of accommodation or related travel services. There could also be directives from government or other official authorities, or changes in the availability of transportation (e.g., airline flight delays, changes in destination airports, etc.).

In the case of serious emergency, there may be cases in which we cannot explain these kinds of changes until after we make them.

Casualty Insurance

Planet Adventure is a policyholder in an insurance plan that provides basic minimal coverage for everyone who participates in a domestic cycling tour. Here are the specifics of coverage:

Coverage Benefit Payout
  Injury or death ¥35 million (payable if death occurs within 180 days of the accident)
  Hospitalization, per diem ¥8,000 (up to 180 days including the day of the accident)
  Surgery ¥40,000/¥80,000 (For surgery undergone after hospitalization, surgery coverage = hospitalization per diem x 10. For surgery undergone on an outpatient basis, surgery coverage = hospitalization per diem x 5.)
  Visits to hospital 5,000 (Up to 90 visits/days are covered for injuries for a period of 180 days including the day of the injury.)


※This policy only offers a bare minimum of coverage, and coverage is limited to claims within Japan. It also does not cover you for any damage you cause to someone else. Before you leave your home country, be sure that you get all the casualty, loss and liability insurance you may need.